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Rosereijn Amsterdam

Petit Restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam

Our cozy restaurant in Amsterdam is located at the edge of the Jordan on the Haarlemmerdijk, an extension of the Haarlemmerstraat that begins at the Central Station. The Haarlemmerstraat and -dijk were awarded in 2012 with a very prestigious price: 'the best shoppingstreet in the Netherlands'.

Haarlemmerdijk 52
1013 JE  Amsterdam
Telephone: ++ 31 (0) 20 - 626 80 27 (after 12.00 for reservations)

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A day in Amsterdam?

The markets, museums, sightseeing, music venues, the Jordan? It all should be a part of a day in the Netherlands if you want to experience something completely different. A pub in Amsterdam is easily found and certainly the 'Jordaan' has many good restaurants. If shoppingstreets, like the Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk exites you, you will automatically go to the Haarlemmerstraat.

Haarlemmerstraat / Haarlemmerdijk

The Haarlemmerbuurt ('buurt' stands for neighborhood) is a very pleasant shoppingarea with lots of shops, not the big ones, but detailers, there isn't a thing in the world you can't find also in the 'Haarlemmerbuurt'. Many unique small shops including fashion shops. In the Haarlemmerbuurt you can easily spend a whole day.

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Lunch and dinner

In the afternoon, many people have there lunch at Rosereijn and in the evening it is always crowded, reservation is desired if you want to come over with a group, otherwise you may have to wait a while for a table.


Every day we have specials and there are always fish and meat specialties on the menu. Naturally an old captains dinner is not lacking.

History of the name

The ship Rozereyn (indeed, with a 'z') was built in the year 1725 by order of the East India Company. Like many Dutch trade vessels that time the Rozereyn was rigged as a warship and carried 54 guns.
Furthermore, the crew was double manned, which was very usual and necessary due to losses of men during the journey caused by bad food and other hardship. During four years it brought, under the authority of captain Martin Kuyl, spices and other things of the East Indies to the Low Countries until in 1729 a typhoon in the South China sea caused heavy damage. The day after, the battered ship was attacked by the notorious Jam Seng and his pirates, after fierce defense captain Kuyl had to cease resistance.
What remained of the crew were captured and nailed on the deck of the Rozereyn, the vessel was charged with gunpowder and perished.

As a miracle boatswain Herman Huus survived, sadly enough only for a short time. Still nailed to a deck he was picked up after nine days by the Dutch merchantvessel Texel. After he had told what happened he died from exhaustion and severe injuries.

Philosophy of our restaurant

In the past Rosereijn was a cafe where sailors drank when they returned from a long journey of, which happend just as oftens, they indronken courage for the next difficult journey at sea.
The current Rosereijn has a different clientele, but it still exudes the atmosphere, warmth and excitement of the past. One should feel himself at home and enjoy a good meal so you are able to handle the rest of the day easily.

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